Turkey Meatloaf

Whole30 approved, as per my preference these days!


Those warm and fuzzy, twenty-something feels when you call your mom and are all like, "ummm, what do I do with a pound of ground turkey?" And she guides you to an über amazing turkey meatloaf idea (and then you call her 5x while it's cooking to ask how to know when it's done). 😂
I used organic, local, pastured, small-farm Diestel ground turkey and made the bombest @whole30approved turkey meatloaf evvvvvvvvv. So frickin yum. 👌🏻🍽💍

How to:
•Preheat oven to 400.

•Mix 1lb turkey

•1 egg

•1tsp garlic powder

•1tsp onion powder

•Shake of turmeric

•Shake of black pepper

•1/2tsp pink sea salt

•2-3Tbsp coconut aminos

•1.5Tbsp ground flax or psyllium husk (I used psyllium this time - amendment* I would not use psyllium again, go with flax!)

•1 minced red bell pepper

•half a diced yellow onion (tested the whole "mouth breathe whilst cutting an onion and you won't cry" theory and it low key WORKED... 👀).

•Line a baking sheet with parchment

•form mixture into a loaf

•bake for 50min

•remove and cover until cooled


Thanks, mumma, for this meal suggestion. And for teaching me how to fold a fitted sheet. And for being my world. 🌎 👯🌙