Veggie Smorgasbord

➳☼ f|o|o|d ➳☼ i heart it.
is it salad? is it pasta? is it a bird? is it a plane? is it lunch? is it dinner? who knows. good thing i’m not a girl for labels anymore.😉 alright, alright, enough with the blathering. what it isssss :: 
kelp noodles • zucchini noodles • avo • nutritional yeast • farm eggs + whites scrambled in evco • purple cauli {my luuurvechild vegetable} • massaged kale • kraut • tamari • shpices • the sweet nectar of juicy, high-vibe intentions •➳•➳•➳• i feel alive with p|r|a|n|a ! ✨🙌🐞🌺 real food makes the body go vroom. 🚀