Salmon + Veg

Healthy + sacred, candlelit din made with serious love by me for my ultimate other half…my mama ❥❥❥ Beautiful low key day. Restful + nourishing.
☆∗ Shitake, asparagus, fennel + ginger stir-fry with tamari beside baked wild salmon {over which we prayed + gave thanks before consuming • a ritual that never ever gets forgotten, when I consume any sentient sea creature it is always with utmost gratitude + awareness} on a bed of mixed greens. A vino glass of Pelligrino + @sherryann77’s gorgeous face to gaze upon + I am one seeeerious love puddle ≫≫❣≪≪ gratitudegratitudegratitude • to cultivate an attitude of gratitude is to medicate + activate. ☯
Sending out ALL da love.😘 You’re amazing. Never forget it.🙌🌀🙏