♡Ayurvedic Hot Cacao Healing Tonic♡

Terrible pic, but that’s the least of my concerns cuz my tastebuds are doing pirouettes + plies right meow.😻💃So, while I’m a chocoholic, I’ve never been much of a hot chocolate girl. I’m a straight up tea drinker. But tonight I was hit hard + fast with a FIERCE craving for a warm cuppa cocoa ☕️🍫 … sooo I concocted a raw, adaptogenic, superfood, healing elixir using all my favorite plant-astic ingredients. In my fave mug ➳ heaped Tbsp raw cacao • 1tsp maca • 1tsp mesquite • 1/4tsp chaga, reishi, pearl, ho shou wu + cordyceps {all by the lovely @moonjuiceshop} • stevia drops • couple Tbsp floating cacao nibs {don’t know that I’d repeat that, the chewing interrupted my sipping haha} • cinnamon • heaped tsp coconut oil • slowly warmed coconut + almond mylk. 😳 Knocked outa the park. Now I just hope I can fall asleep someday … 😁 hehe. That’s all for tonight folks. N♡M | N♡M | NAMASTE 🙌💫🙏 Sweet dreams darling Angels ☪☆∗