Salmon, Swiss Chard and Roasted Veggies

In celebration of my Cool Daddy-O's birthday, I prepared him a delicious, healthy, anti-inflammatory meal (all the usual anti-inflammatory suspects were present: turmeric, ginger, wild salmon, coconut oil, avocado).

Dinner was baked wild salmon with garlic powder, ginger powder, kelp granules, turmeric and fresh meyer lemon slices;

cauliflower, zucchini and yellow onion roasted in coconut oil and mixed spices; swiss chard pan-sautéed in coconut aminos (my new favorite "condiment" - I put that in quotes because it's just SO nutrient-dense and natural! - as you can see by my latest recipes!); and a side of creamy avocado drizzled in lemon and sprinkled with himalayan pink salt.

SO delicious! So healing. So simple.

Let food be thy medicine, friends! And always serve great fathers a big plate of deliciousness :)